Why you should avoid using Wordpress for your business website!

You are in need of your website for your business in order to mark your presence on internet. You google through and see different digital agencies offering you to develop wordpress based website with promise of creating and responsive website for less than 5000 SEK.

It sounds great. OR IS IT?? 

Let us tell you why developing business website is not wise decision to make.

As you may already know that wordpress is a platform for bloggers to write their blogs. Recently, with WooCommerce, wordpress has make it possible to develop fully functional ecommerce website. However it has flowing flaws:

Less coding, less control:

Digital agencies promising to deliver website for less than 5000 SEK won’t spend any time writing codes for you. Instead, they will search and implement suitable themes and plugins from 3rd parties. And yes, that’s where the problem begins! These plugins are basically functionalities of your website which are designed and developed by 3rd parties for wordpress. It brings following complications:

  1. These plugins have tendency to break down easily. This happens mostly because they work well on their own but when another plugin is installed on your website (wordpress requires many plugins in order to develop one functioning homepage) then they conflict. Update in one plugin might make it incompatible with another plugin and if the developer for any of these plugins doesn’t provide update on time then your website crashes down. Basically, you have to run your wordpress website hoping all your installed plugins and their developers are nice with each other. Now imagine these plugins being developed by thousands of developers!
  2. Wordpress websites are less secure than websites developed with core programming languages. And this is again because of those plugins! One weak plugin could led a way to damage your entire homepage. In addition, wordpress websites are easy target for hackers.
  3. The plugin you use today for free could start to have subscription fee after some months. And you have only two options, either to pay or ditch that plugin and search for new one all over again.
  4. You own a business then you should own your website too. Your website shall be developed according to your requirement. The possibility in a Wordpress website is, you would be surrounded with lots of restrictions. If you have tailor made website, then the website is developed and designed exactly the way you want it.
  5. Wordpress websites are based in the themes you have chosen for. And these themes are chosen from the available catalogue. Meaning thousands of other business owners are also looking through same catalogue. Result: Well too many similarities, lack of originality!
  6. Wordpress knows it's security vulnerabilities, therefore it regularly provides updates in order to keep it updated and stronger. And to keep up to date with these updates you will need to update your website each time when Wordpress releases an update which is every couple of months. And this needs to be done by technical person who has knowledge about Wordpress. Result, you will end up paying money every few months for updates that wouldn’t be necessary with tailor made websites. Also these updates easily conflicts with installed plugins because they get incompatible with newer version of Wordpress. And once again, you have to hope that the plugins you are using are also regularly updated by their developers.
  7. Wordpress website uses a lots of plugins resulting the slow loading speed of pages. When the website is developed with core programming based on your requirements then your database is highly optimised. You will have the data that only your requirements need. And this is not the case in Wordpress websites.

(This article is meant for general Wordpress websites which are being offered as cheap solution for business companies by various digital agencies resulting poor and substandard websites.

There are software companies or developers who keep excellent understanding of Wordpress, and use and code their own themes and plugins which avoids must of the flaws as mentioned above)