our Services

Web Design

We develop websites based on your needs. Our websites are developed in core programming language which makes them highly customisable, adjustable, advanced and secured compared to dummy wordpress based websites.  Our websites are custom based meaning they will easily adopt to your needs! Regardless of any packages you have chosen from us, you will be assigned a professional software engineer who will assist you and transfer your concrete ideas for your website and bring it into reality. We develop easy to use content management system which brings the possibility for you as owner of your website to add/edit contents for your website.

Our websites are effectively SEO optimised, faster loading pages, mobile responsive and user friendly. 

Application Development

We develop both mobile and web applications for your businesses. Our applications are tailor made meaning we will develop according to your requirement. Application development requires proper planning from the start so that it saves both time and money. Therefore, we will assign you one of our project manager for free from the start who will meet you in person and listen your requirements. With our technical expertise in software engineering, he will also assist you on developing your requirements. When the requirement is set, then we will provide you our quotation and development time. Then it is upto you to decide if you want us to develop that project for you or you want different software development company.

Web and IT Support

Website and applications needs to be updated on time to time. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. Maintaining your website/web-mobile application is similar to maintaining your car. More you take care of, more it remains smoother, fresh and healthy. We provide Web and IT support for free for couple of months depending upon type of your project. However after the completion of free months, we charge only minimum fee* per month and offer following services:

  • One programmer dedicatedly assigned to your project who will be in your direct contact and make adjustments based on your need for free.
  • Regularly optimising your website and database so that website remains fresh with faster loading time.
  • Regularly checking up against various malware and viruses.
  • Regularly checking up with your competitor's website and provide SEO optimisation so that you will remain on top!
  • Guide you with better IT alternatives for your business


*Our subscription fee doesn’t have any binding fee and can be cancelled at any time. Also depending upon the size of your project, it could be different price.